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iFab Supply & Installation: Driveway Gates (Electric) in Scotland

Professional installation of bespoke designs

Do you need a new gate? Does your existing gate need an upgrade? Look no further than iFab, where we provide you with bespoke designs and professional installation service of automatic electric gates near you.

As experts in high-quality gate automation, we offer a wide range of superb products that are guaranteed to suit your property. One size doesn’t fit all gateways, so we offer a wide range of aesthetic options, materials, dimensions and types of products for you. 

From wrought metal gates to full electric sliding gates, give us a call.

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A wide range of bespoke automatic driveway gates to suit you

With a vast range of options, any property can be improved with an automated gate. Some of the fantastic solutions we offer include:

  • Double and single gates
  • Swing gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Folding gates
  • Timber, wrought iron and metal gates   
  • Commercial, residential and driveway gates


We can supply both manual and automatic gates to fit your property, with extras like matching railings for added security.

Our driveway gates are galvanised and finished in powder-coated paint, resulting in the highest quality product that will last. Protected against weather and harsh conditions, we do our best to ensure the most extended lifespan possible.

We are available for commercial projects as well as the design and installation of your residential electric gates. Whatever type of solution you need, the iFab team can confidently deliver the perfect automated or electric sliding gates for you.



Can I install my electric gates by myself?

While purchasing DIY electric gate kits is possible, they take time and effort to install and aren't always of the highest quality.

Self-installation kits come with the risk of lower quality gate motors and materials, which require more maintenance and break down much quicker. 

DIY installation can, in fact, cost you more money in the long run, as improper fitting of the automated gate systems can be costly to repair. In reality, even the highest quality products on the market can be rendered useless with poor installation.

The iFab team is confident that we can provide you with a quick, convenient, safe and friendly installation service. We're experienced not only in making your automated or sliding gate look fantastic but our knowledge of electric gate safety ensures that you'll feel secure with our products.

You'll benefit from our expert advice on gate safety and maintenance and offer extensive design choices while ensuring that it lasts. 

We hope you'll choose us to help design, fabricate and professionally install your electric gate.

Do I need planning permission for automated or electric sliding gates?

If you’re worried about planning permission, we’ve got you covered there too. 

After many years of experience, we’re well versed in the regulations and guidelines for erecting new gates, so we can make sure no extra permissions are necessary. We can also advise you on gate safety and maintenance.

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Why Choose iFab automatic gates?

Whether for residential or commercial properties, the benefits of installing an electric gate remain the same.

Some of the advantages of using iFab include:


Thousands of properties already have existing gates that are not adequately utilised. Due to the time and effort of constantly opening and closing the gates, many may opt to leave their gates open at all times.

While open gates may be more convenient, it does remove their security benefits and leaves your property more vulnerable to intruders. 

Installing an electric gate means you can open and close them automatically, without the need to leave your car or home to do so. If you're entering your driveway or letting a visitor in, it's as simple as clicking a button on a remote control.


The safety of your home or your business is rightly a big concern for everyone. The installation of an automatic gate increases security and acts as a deterrent to vandals and thieves. They are the perfect choice for adding a secure perimeter to enclosed driveways, business parking areas or courtyards.

Electric gates can be used in conjunction with intercoms, audio or visual, to act as a cost-effective but quality security feature. 

As well as help keep things out, a new gate helps keep things inside. Pets and small children are much safer playing in gardens and driveways, beneficial when you are located near busy roads.


There's no reason to splash out on a new gate if you can't show it off. Having a manual gate that is left open is no help when trying to add some curb appeal to your property. 

An automatic gate is a great feature for any home as it is functional, looks good and adds value. With bespoke designs and a variety of materials available, you can find a gate that turns heads.

Whether you go old fashioned with wrought iron or modern with smooth steel and wood, you can find something that suits you and your property. This addition can also add value to your property if you ever decide to sell, so it benefits you both now and in the future.

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If you're thinking of a new or upgraded gate, get in touch. For inspiration, head over to our Portfolio to look at some previous examples of automating gates we have installed.


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