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Balcony Glass Balustrades

Let the sunlight in while adding some style to your property

Balustrades for a balcony a classic feature, they offer security, safety and can be designed around a properties or personals style. Using our experience, knowledge and standing as experts in the industry, we're the go-to team for the manufacture and installation of glass balustrades.

The glass balustrade is something that continues to grow in popularity due to its stylish and contemporary look, its suitability for commercial and residential properties, its ease of cleaning and how it maximises the sunlight to your interior.

Using structural glass and stainless steel, we offer a range of styles, designs and types of balustrade for your properties interior and exterior. For glass balustrades, in particular, there are two main design systems:

  • Channel system: a seamless design that does not use posts and offers uninterrupted views of the outdoors. It can be left as entirely glass balustrade design, or railings can be added to the top for extra support.
  • Integrated post system: a more traditional design that uses glass panels and stainless steel posts for support. This option also has the option of a top-mounted railing.

Both of these systems offer the same stability, safety and security as glass railing systems but can have massively different designs and looks.

glass balustrade on wooden decking outside house   large house with balcony glass balustrade

The perfect addition to any balcony

Glass balustrades are a perfect option for anyone who is looking to update or install a Juliet balcony on their property. Depending on the opening size, a single glass panel could be used to add a touch of contemporary style to your home. This would also allow you to bring the outdoors indoors, with the same safety and security as a traditional metal railing.

For full balconies, glass panels can be used to add the same effect but designed to your requirements. Large panels could be used to create barriers, separators or railings along the edge of your balcony, all with a modern look that metal or wooden railings couldn't provide.

For added privacy frosted glass can be used for sections or full balconies, still letting in plenty of sunlight but blocking views of your interior to those outside. Curved glass is another fantastic option to consider, they offer a unique look and demonstrate that no matter the size and shape of your property, you can create a beautiful and bespoke balcony that meets all your requirements.

What's great about using glass panels to design a balustrade, is that they can easily be adapted to your properties size and shape. In addition to balcony balustrades, we also offer the design, manufacture and installation of:

  • Indoor balustrades
    • Mezzanines
    • Staircases
    • "Well" balconies
  • Outdoor balustrades
    • Traditional and Juliet balconies
    • Staircases
    • Ramps
    • Patios
  • Frameless glass balustrade systems

To discuss how iFab can help you add a stylish and bespoke new feature to your property, please contact us.