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Balcony Glass Balustrades

When it comes to installing high-quality glass balustrades on your balcony, there is no one better equipped to handle the job than the glass and welding experts here at ifab.   

We regularly supply, design, and install stunning balcony glass balustrades for homes and properties across Scotland. They are a timeless feature, offering high levels of security and safety for any type of balcony, from high-rise Juliet balconies to raised garden areas.   

We take a flexible approach to all our construction work and will always incorporate our customers' ideas, tastes, and requests.   

One of the many great things about glass balustrades for balconies is that they can be designed around your property and personal style, so please do not hesitate to share your vision with us. We can create the perfect balcony with you.  

If you would like to improve the look, feel and safety of your balcony, then contact the ifab team today to get started. 

Glass Balustrades on outdoor wooden decking   Stylish glass balustrades on outside decking area


What is balcony balustrading?

A balcony balustrade is the low, often somewhat transparent wall used on a balcony. They are placed to act as a barrier between the balcony and the outside, often with a railing placed along the top.   

The glass balcony balustrade has grown in popularity in recent years due to its stylish and contemporary look, its suitability for commercial and residential properties, its ease of cleaning and how it maximises natural light into your property.  


Balconies with elegant glass railings  

More and more property owners are choosing to install beautiful glass balcony railings on top of their balustrades, instead of the more traditional steel railings.   

Glass balcony railings offer a more attractive look, they are elegant and work seamlessly when installed in conjunction with glass balustrades.   

With ifab, you can have your new, stunning glass balcony railing fitted on top of frameless glass balustrades, creating a full glass finish that offers unobstructed views beyond your balcony.  

This modern glass look will increase the sense of space within your property, let more natural light in, be easier to clean and maintain whilst also raising the value of your property.   


Glass balustrades are the perfect addition to any balcony 

Glass balustrades are a perfect option for you if you are looking to update or install a Juliet balcony on your property. They can also improve the look and safety of larger steel balconies, raised garden areas and mezzanine floors.  

Several advantages when installing glass balcony balustrades are:  

  • A sleek and elegant look 

  • High levels of safety and security  

  • Weather-resistant  

  • Simple to clean and easy to maintain  

  • Maximise space and natural light in your property  

  • Full range of customisable options available   


Choice of glass balustrade styles & designs   

When it comes to the type and style of glass you would like to be installed on your balcony, ifab customers are met with a wide choice.   

Some of our most popular options include:   

  • Frosted glass offers higher levels of privacy and can be used for individual sections or full balconies. Frosted panels still let in plenty of natural light, however they also conveniently block views of your interior to passersby. 


  • Curved glass is another fantastic option to consider. Curved glass provides a unique look and is sure to complement the style of your property. 


  • Customised glass - we can customise your glass panels with polished edges or radius corners to give a stamp of originality and add some of your own personality to your glass balcony design. 


When it comes to larger balconies, the glass panels can be used to create barriers, separators, or railings along the edge of your balcony, all with an elegant and modern look that metal and wooden railings cannot provide.  

We are always happy to listen to our customers’ requests and experiment with new looks and styles when it comes to balcony designs and glass balcony railings. Simply let us know your idea and together we can bring it to life. 


What type of balustrade suits me?

Using structural glass and stainless steel, we offer a range of styles, designs and types of balustrade for your properties interior and exterior. For glass balustrades, in particular, there are two main design systems:

  • Channel system: a seamless design that does not use posts and offers uninterrupted views of the outdoors. It can be left as an entirely glass balustrade design, or railings can be added to the top for extra support.
  • Integrated post system: a more traditional design that uses glass panels and stainless steel posts for support. This option also has the option of a top-mounted railing.

Both of these systems offer the same stability, safety and security as glass railing systems but can have massively different designs and looks.

glass balustrade on wooden decking outside house   large house with balcony glass balustrade


Get in touch today for stunning balcony glass balustrades.  

To find out more about our start-to-finish balcony glass balustrade service, please contact the ifab team today.   

We will be more than happy to talk you through all the available options and can mix and match our services to suit you.   

We also provide full balcony installations, stylish mezzanine floors and a comprehensive railing service for balconies, stairwells, gardens, and any other area you may want to use them. All your home improvement needs in one place, here at ifab Scotland!