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High Quality Glass Balustrades in Perth

Glass balustrades are a stylish and safe option for improving the look of your balcony, stairwell, or outdoor railing. Glass balustrading can be installed quickly and efficiently and can be placed either internally or externally.   

Glass balustrades from ifab are rust-proof, sleek in design, and will elevate the look and style of your home. Say goodbye to unsightly metal balustrading and give your balcony or railing the upgrade it deserves with modern glass balustrades.  

Through our reliable supply and installation of beautiful, bespoke glass balustrades, you can conveniently open up your balcony space for unobstructed viewing and let more light into your property.  

Please contact the glass and stainless-steel experts today to enquire further about our quality glass balustrading services in Perth.    


brick house with glass balustrade

What is a glass balustrade?  

A glass balustrade serves as a layer of protection against a change in floor level or drop. It is constructed using a series of small columns topped by a rail, which often serves as a banister or handrail. Modern glass balustrades also come with frameless options, giving a sleeker design.  

Common places to install a glass balustrade include:

With a sophisticated and contemporary look, glass balustrades provide ease of cleaning, security, and safety, all the while allowing plenty of natural light to pass through into your property.  

They are functional, look fantastic and have rapidly become a highly desirable and popular modern architectural feature throughout UK homes and buildings.   


Steel glass railing balustrades   outdoor clear balustrades

What are the benefits of glass balustrades?  

Glass balustrades are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK due to the many advantages they offer.   

A few of the main benefits of glass balustrades are: 

An elegant and modern look  

Simply put, both our external and internal glass balustrades look fantastic wherever they are placed. 

Improve the look of your home and create an open, airy feel to your property by adding high-quality glass balustrades.   


Allows more light into your property.  

The glass panels will let more natural light through, opening up your desired space and making it feel bigger than it really is.  

To increase this airy sense of expansion even further, choose frameless glass balustrades so that the light and views are completely unobstructed.   


Easy to maintain.  

Balustrade glass is easy to clean and simple to maintain.  

A standard clean with regular glass cleaning products will remove any surface-level dirt and damage, including light scratches that may appear over time.   


Strong and durable  

Glass balustrades may look delicate, but they are constructed with toughened glass which is highly stable and durable.   

Even the frameless glass balustrades are fixed with sturdy glass clamps to ensure maximum safety, so there is no need to worry about incidents when installing glass balustrading on your balcony or staircase.   


Protection from the elements   

Another bonus of glass balustrades is the high level of wind cover they provide when installed outdoors.   

Whether it is for your high-rise balcony or your ground-floor patio area, glass balustrading from ifab will help keep you warm and cosy whilst you enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of your home.  


Full supply and installation service from ifab

With excellent service, thorough knowledge and unrivalled skill, our team offers both a supply-only service and a complete start-to-finish package for glass balustrading in the UK.   

We can quickly and easily deliver all the quality materials you need for your new glass balustrading through our supply-only service.   

Alternatively, we can handle the full supply, design and installation of your new glass balustrading system, tailored to your exact specifications.  

Whatever you choose, we will be here to support you throughout the full process and will always offer our honest, no-obligation advice. Our number one aim is to leave our customers delighted with the home improvement service we offer, and our glass balustrades are no exception.   

Contact us today to enquire further about our high-quality glass balustrading service in Perth, Scotland.