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High Quality Glass Balustrades from iFab

The Glass Balustrade - A stylish and safe option for commercial and private properties

Balustrades are an architectural feature that has been used for centuries. They come in different designs different materials and can be made to match the style of the surrounding property and the personal taste of its owner.

At iFab, glass and stainless steel are what we do best, and as a part of our range of services, we offer the supply and installation of beautiful bespoke glass balustrades. 

With a sophisticated and contemporary look, glass balustrades provide ease of cleaning, security and safety, all while allowing plenty of natural light to pass through into your property.


brick house with glass balustrade

What is a balustrade?

You might not have heard the word, but it's very likely you'll have encountered many balustrades in your daily life. A common feature of public buildings and stately homes, a balustrade is a row of small columns topped by a rail. This rail often serves as a bannister or handrail.

Traditionally, balustrades were often constructed with stone, metal or marble. A more recent design, however, is the structural glass balustrade. 

Glass balustrade systems are functional, secure, and look fantastic. They have fast become a highly desirable and popular modern architectural feature.

There are two main types of glass and stainless steel balustrades: a channel system, or an integrated post and rail system.


Channel System

This type of glass balustrade system uses a seamless design without posts, maximising the light passing through the glass panels without compromising integrity or safety.

Constructed with laminated toughened glass panels and optional handrails, they provide regular balustrades' safety and security with a more contemporary and sleek style.

This system also allows for installing a frameless glass balustrade system, a design choice rising in popularity in both living and working spaces.


Integrated post system 

The most common system used for glass balustrades uses stainless steel posts and rails to connect each glass panel. 

Ideal for indoor and outdoor installation, it's a classic design that looks fantastic for both homes and businesses.


A range of options to choose from

Just some of the options for glass balustrades include:

  • Indoor balustrades
  • Outdoor balustrades
  • Juliet balcony balustrades
  • Garden balustrades
  • Frameless glass balustrades
  • Stair guard balustrade


Steel glass railing balustrades   outdoor clear balustrades

Why choose structural glass balustrades?

Creates a more open space

Glass balustrade design helps create the illusion of more space within your home or workplace. The glass panels let the natural light through, which opens the room up and makes it feel bigger.

Those inside the building will get to enjoy a fresh and airy sense of expansion, especially if you choose frameless balustrades or transparent glass balcony systems.

Looks elegant and modern

Simply put, our glass railing systems look great. Glass is one of the most modern and sleek materials on the market, and it never goes out of style.

Glass is also a highly versatile material, allowing your balustrade to seamlessly blend into its surroundings no matter what your building looks like.

Easy to maintain

Balustrade glass is easy to clean - all you'll need is regular glass cleaning products and cloth. 

A quick clean can even remove surface-level damage like light scratches.

Strong and durable

Glass balustrades might look delicate, but they're constructed with toughened glass which is highly stable and durable. Even the frameless glass balustrades are fixed with sturdy glass clamps to ensure maximum safety.


High-quality installation and supply from iFab

With excellent service, thorough knowledge and unrivalled skill, our team at iFab offer both a supply only service or a complete start-to-finish package.


What is the supply only option?

For our supply only customers, we will use existing plans to provide you with the right solution. We will enter into detailed communication about your specific needs, and our team will work from your requirements. 


All in one service including installation

Our end-to-end service involves us working with you throughout every step of the project, from helping choose the right designs, sourcing or manufacturing the required material and completing installation.

All our jobs are built around you. We can help where needed to meet all your requirements and offer the bespoke addition of this simple but impressive feature to your property.


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