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Internal Balustrades

Add a touch of contemporary style to your indoors

Internal Glass balustrades are fantastic additions to your property, and you can choose from a frameless glass design or a more classic post and railing system.  Whatever your decision, ifab will help you create and install bespoke balustrades in your home and business. 

Our team are experts within the industry and specialists in manufacturing and installing balustrades. Whether it is for a new build, updating existing architecture or supplying the correct materials for a project, we are the best at what we do. 

With our knowledge and experience, we know how to help with the design and installation of glass and stainless-steel balustrades. Externally they are a stylish choice to add to balconies, patios, outdoor ramps and stairs. However, they are also an excellent addition to your interior architecture. 


Glass stair balustrade systems

An example of how glass and stainless steel balustrades can be used indoors is as a contemporary and stylish guard around staircases.

With handrails and secure glass panels, you can replace the old-fashioned stair guards with something much more sophisticated and modern. Easier to clean, nicer to look at and ideal for interior use.

internal glass balustrade on stairs

Mezzanine balustrades 

Another use for internal balustrades, is for indoor balconies and mezzanine floors. Giving your home a more modern look, glass mezzanine balustrades offer all the security and safety of a traditional railing and at the same time add more style to your property. 

Similarly, there is the option of “well” glass balustrade systems. Perfect for large commercial buildings, businesses and homes which feature “well balconies”. 

To discuss the services we offer, or for help and advice on balustrades and how they can be a great addition to your interior design, please get in touch