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Bespoke Juliet Balcony Designs

Adding a Juliet balcony can transform the look and feel of any building. Not only do Juliet balconies add character and a unique look to your home or office, but they are also a simple way to add natural light, fresh air and a sense of expansion to your space.

ifab are proud to manufacture and install the highest quality Juliet balconies available on the market. We use only the highest standard of materials, ensuring your Juliet balcony is built to last. Our friendly and knowledgeable team works quickly and efficiently to a time frame that suits you.

Balcony installation and construction

What is a Juliet balcony?

A Juliet/Juliette balcony (also known as a balconette or a false balcony) is a decorative railing that sits just outside a set of windows or french doors. 

A Juliet balcony is not the type of balcony that can be stepped on. It is a very narrow balcony made flush to your building, allowing fresh air and more light to enter the property. Another one of the many benefits to having a Juliet balcony installed is the increased sense of space it will add to your flat, house or office building.

Taking its name from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Juliet balconies are a popular design feature in Europe and continue to grow in popularity in the UK. Most commonly constructed from steel, glass or iron, Juliet balconies are designed to give the appearance of a full balcony when the large windows or inward swinging french doors are open.


What is the difference between a balcony and a Juliet balcony?

A traditional balcony will provide you with enough room to stand or sit out on the balcony itself. It will add extra space to your property and be large enough to comfortably place outdoor furniture.

By contrast, a Juliet balcony does not have enough room to sit or stand. Sometimes known as a false balcony, Juliet balconies are a very narrow balcony that allows you to safely open up your room to the outside by providing a comfortable, secure railing at the outer plane of your existing window.

Juliet balconies are often attached to apartment buildings as they offer a greater sense of space and an alternative way to enjoy the fresh air if you don't have the luxury of a garden. Juliet balconies come in a range of reasonable prices depending on the type you want and the building you live in. Delivery and installation of Juliet balconies are simple and easy to perform. 

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What are the benefits of having a Juliet balcony?

  • Increases natural light
  • Adds value to your property
  • Creates a larger sense of space
  • Increases air circulation and ventilation
  • Pleasant and attractive spaces that optimise productivity in the workplace or at home

Not only that, but a Juliet balcony may often be the most suitable option for a property for a range of reasons, such as;

  • Adaptable

Attached with stainless steel fixings and made from high-quality materials, Juliet balconies are a versatile decorative option for your home or business. They’re suitable for both residential homes and large scale commercial projects. Juliette balconies are available for many different buildings, including new builds and high rise flat blocks.

  • Simple and easy to install

Generally speaking, Juliet balconies require no planning permission. The balconies come pre-constructed for simple installation. Therefore, the installation process is quick and has minimal disruption. 

  • A vast range of design options

ifab is proud to offer a range of different styles and materials that can be chosen to suit your taste. This allows us to blend your new Juliet balcony perfectly with the building it's attached to whilst still creating something bespoke for your taste.

Choosing a glass balcony can provide a modern look to your upper floors while letting more light into your rooms. Laminated glass ensures you have a safe barrier between indoors and outside. We supply clear and frosted options to suit your preferred style.

 We also offer more classic looks with our wrought iron railings in different styles and patterns. Steel, such as 316 marine grade stainless steel, looks sleek polished and is made to withstand the elements without degrading or rusting.

The colour of your Juliet balcony is another option you need to consider. All of our paints are powder coated for optimal protection, which prevents the colour from chipping away over time, leaving a stylish, modern look for years to come.


Is a glass Juliet balcony safe? 

As Juliet balconies are often installed higher up, customers often worry over the safety of having a glass Juliet balcony in their home, particularly if there are younger children around. Modern glass Juliet balconies come with reinforced glass which is resistant to the elements and extremely strong and durable. 

An added safety benefit of having a glass Juliet balcony compared to a steel or iron Juliet balcony is that it doesn't have any gaps in-between the railings. Furthermore, if you choose a transparent glass balcony, you'll be provided with clear views whilst still having a safe and secure barrier between your home and the outside.

Having your window open out onto a stylish glass Juliet balcony is not only safe but will also provide ample fresh air and allow more light into your room. 

If you're interested in having a glass Juliet balcony installed in your home, get in contact with us today!


Top-quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service


At ifab, our core values as a family-run business haven’t changed. We are dedicated to providing first-class products with fantastic results that you will love every time. All of our solutions are manufactured by experts, ensuring that your balcony is well made, long-lasting and fit for purpose.

It’s not all about the final product, however. As a business that works closely with the community, our customers are always at the heart of what we do. We endeavour to treat each and every one of our clients as an individual and don’t believe in a 'one size fits all approach. Our team delivers bespoke, friendly and personalised service.

Our expertise allows us to offer a varied and excellent service to your customers, ranging from; steel balconies, mezzanines and specialist blacksmithing and fabrication work. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you.