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Stunning Stainless-Steel Balconies

As experts in structural engineering and manufacturing, ifab can offer an unrivalled service in balcony design and installation.   

We offer a start-to-finish service for bespoke steel balconies, all manufactured and installed by our team in Perth, Scotland. All we need is your input on which style and design of steel balcony you are looking for, and we will be ready to get to work.  

Please contact our friendly team today for quality steel balconies in Scotland. 


outhouse with glass balcony   close up of glass balcony and field in background

Why choose stainless steel balconies from ifab?  

Made from structural steel, the design of a stainless-steel balcony can be adapted to suit any taste or style.  

A stainless-steel balcony provides a sleek addition to all types of properties. Balconies made from structural steel offer impressive durability, a long-life span, and an attractive look. 

All steel balconies from ifab are constructed using the highest quality materials, such as marine grade (316) stainless steel and toughened glass for extra safety and durability.   

Powder coating is used on all steel, fittings, and railings for greater long-term protection from the elements. This additional touch will also prevent paint chipping over time, ensuring your bespoke steel balcony stays attractive and appealing for many years to come, no matter what the Scottish weather may throw at it.    

white house with glass balcony on first floor    house with glass balcony along whole first floor

What are the benefits of a steel balcony?

Stainless steel balconies have many benefits attached to them, including; 

  • Increased value to your property
  • Low maintenance 
  • Extreme durability in all weather conditions
  • Low cost (both in set up and future maintenance costs)
  • Long-lasting aesthetic appeal 
  • Versatile material that can suit your style
  • Low environmental impact 

The durability, low maintenance and relatively low cost of steel balconies attract many types of customers, no matter the size or style of home they reside in. 

Steel balconies have been a popular choice with our customers for many years, as you can see through the work we carried out for Remy!


Do you offer any other type of balcony?   

Although stainless steel balconies are a very popular request from our customers, we also offer a range of balcony styles and types to suit all your needs and wants, including:   



What's involved in the building process?  

Having a state-of-the-art steel balcony built on your property has never been easier.  

After an initial conversation with us, we will perform a detailed analysis of your property and compare this with your request just to check if the design is achievable. If we find that your request is not possible, we will work with you to find the perfect solution.   

Once the initial planning stage is complete and together, we have realised the perfect steel balcony design to suit your needs, we will begin work.  

Whether you opt for a simple steel frame or a full stainless-steel balcony, we can ensure that the highest level of quality and workmanship will be applied to create your stunning new steel balcony.  

Our steel and glass experts will manufacture and install your bespoke steel balcony at a time that suits you. We offer full transparency and are happy to have you involved in every step of the process, after all, it is your steel balcony we are building! 


Order your stainless-steel balcony from ifab.  

Adding any type of balcony to your home is a significant investment, so it is essential to consider every aspect before you make your final decision.  

The team at ifab are here to guide you through the balcony installation process from start to finish. No question is too silly or too advanced; we want to ensure you are completely happy with your choice before any work begins. 

Speak to our expert balcony team today and take a step towards improving your quality of life with a beautiful new steel balcony installation.