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Steel Balconies - Bespoke Designs And Expert Installation

A Range of Options Including Unique Balustrades

What do we offer?

outhouse with glass balcony close up of glass balcony and field in background

We are experts in structural engineering and manufacture and so can offer an unrivalled service.

We offer a start to finish service for a bespoke balcony manufactured and installed by us. All we need is your input on which style and design you are looking for, and we are ready to work.

Made from structural steel, the design of a balcony can be adapted to suit any taste. A stainless steel balcony provides a sleek addition to your property with impressive durability. Alternatively, glass balconies offer a modern look that lets in more light and gives better views of your surroundings. We have a long history of steel and glass manufacture that we bring to the construction of your ideal balcony, from the floor to the balustrades.

Smaller touches, such as the railings and paint colour can also be chosen to construct something truly unique to you and your property.

All of our balconies are constructed using the highest quality materials, such as marine grade (316) stainless steel and toughened glass. Powder coating is used on the steel, fittings and railings for long term protection from the elements and to prevent paint chipping over time.

white house with glass balcony on first floor  house with glass balcony along whole first floor

What's involved with building a steel balcony?

After an initial conversation with us, we will perform a detailed analysis of your property and compare this to what you require to see if the job is possible. If not possible, we will work with you to find the perfect solution or alternative.

Once this is complete, and we have come up with the perfect balcony for you, whether a simple steel frame or a full glass stainless steel balcony, we will begin work.

Our experts will manufacture and install the balcony at a suitable time and keep you informed and updated along the way, offering a full start to finish service.

Years of experience and our knowledge of this area of construction mean we will leave you with your perfect balcony and a smile on your face.

Before you start

Adding a balcony is a significant investment, and so it's essential to consider every aspect before you take the leap.

A balcony is a large steel structure that is constructed onto the side of a building. Due to it being a substation structure, it needs to be designed, manufactured and installed safely following all the correct regulations and guidelines. Our fully trained staff are well equipped to meet every requirement, as our aim to build the perfect balcony is terms of looks, practicality and safety.

It's important to remember that balconies of this type require planning permission from your local council. To request permission, you will need to submit a planning application form and a fee to your planning office. This process may also require elevations of the property and the proposed changes to it, a certificate of ownership and a statement which explains the work you wish to carry out.

If you are unsure about balconies or what permissions are needed, please contact your local planning office to seek advice.

If you have questions about the process of other types of service we offer, such as the manufacture and installation of a Juliet balcony, please contact us.