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Safety Rails

No matter the property, accessibility and safety should always be a priority

Handicap ramp railing: Perth, ScotlandFor homes, if you are elderly or have mobility difficulties, safety rails can drastically change how you experience your home environment. Installing high-quality rails can allow you access to your home, garden, or any outside space with more ease, providing safer movement and increased freedom to enjoy all of the property. 

Everybody’s needs are different, and at iFab, we’re dedicated to working with you to create a functional design and plan to meet all requirements

Nobody knows your home better than you, so we always work with you by first getting to know exactly what your needs are and what would be most effective, offering our knowledge and expertise on the design, manufacturer and installation of safety rails.

We can manufacture a wide range of rails that can be customised to suit your taste. Our team of in-house blacksmiths and fabricators can create something entirely bespoke, or you can find a style you enjoy elsewhere, and we can work to your specification.

You can choose the colour, material and finish of your rail, allowing your product to stand out or blend into your outdoor space as much or as little as you like.

We also install wheelchair ramps with handrails and handicap ramp railings for commercial, public or community buildings.

Why iFab handrails?

Our iFab handrails have a number of benefits, including:

Extra confidence

As a mobility aid, installing handrails helps you to move around your property with confidence. They are just that extra step to provide you with peace of mind and help you feel safe and secure. Particularly if you have stairs leading from your door, it can be beneficial to have the extra support. Whether one rail or two, on a ramp or a set of steps, we’ll make sure every need is met.


Our iFab rails look great and can be fully customised to your liking. We have a range of colours, materials and finishes to choose from.


At iFab, we manufacture our products in our own factory. This means every single product is quality checked directly by us to ensure the most durable and long-lasting results. As we use only the highest quality fabricated steel, your handrail will last decades with minimal maintenance.

Quality installation

Our highly skilled team will install your product efficiently and effectively. After years of experience, we know our trade inside and out, allowing us to deliver a smooth installation service in any circumstance.

Handicap ramp railing requirements

handicap ramp railing, Perth, ScotlandFor buildings in the public sector, there are specific access regulations that you must meet. At iFab, we help you stay in line with the government guidelines by installing appropriate rails to your ramps.

On certain access ramp gradients, handrails must be positioned on both sides (or on the centre if the ramp is wide). If possible, they should extend 300mm beyond the top and bottom of the ramp or staircase. 

The Equality Act recommends that these rails be visible and not ‘cold-to-the-touch’. To combat this, we use railings coated with materials with low thermal conductivity.

For further information, please call us today. We can ensure that your business, building or commercial project meets these regulations.


A friendly and approachable team

At iFab, we consider ourselves a group of friendly individuals who consistently deliver a personalised service. We always adhere to our core value of centering the customer experience in everything we do and will be there to support you through the project from start to finish.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.