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Single & Double Leaf Gates

Cost-effective & quick to install!

A popular option for walkways, entrances and public spaces, swing gates come in two types:

  1. Single leaf gates
  2. Double leaf gates. 

Take a look at the information below and get in touch with us if you need any further guidance on which type of gate would be best for your property. 


Single Leaf Gates

If you are looking for a versatile and secure option for pedestrian entrances, pathways, and small driveways, our single leaf gates are the perfect choice. This type of gate consists of a single gate that can open inwards or outwards and is securely fixed to a solid post. 

At ifab, we understand the importance of both security and aesthetic appeal, which is why we construct our single leaf gates to be bespoke and only use the highest quality materials. 

Whether you are looking for a gate that will keep you secure or one that will make your neighbors envious, our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect single leaf gate for your property. 

This type of swing gate comes with many benefits, such as: 

  • Quick to install
  • Secure and durable
  • Easy to automate as they only require one motor
  • Easy to lock and secure with no need for drop bolts.
  • Can choose from a standard design or a more bespoke filled style.

black double leaf gate with gold swan decoration Black double gate outside cottage

Double Leaf Gates

For those who are looking for a more substantial coverage, our double leaf gates are the perfect option.

Similar to the single leaf gates but designed to cover a broader space. The design of these gates typically consists of two equally sized gates that are secured with hinges and steel posts on either side. 

The gates open and close to meet in the middle and are held in place with a latch and drop bolt. This choice is excellent for larger entrances and wider driveways and offers the perfect balance of security and functionality. 

At ifab, we use only the highest quality materials and construct our double leaf gates to be bespoke to meet the specific needs of your property. 

Upgrade your property today with our double leaf gates and enjoy the convenience and security they provide: 

  • Easily made-to-order sizes
  • Extensive range of standard sizes and designs.
  • Both gates can be opened and closed independently
  • A much smaller swing radius when compared to larger single leaf gates
  • There is the option to use smaller supporting posts which will maximise the gate's drive-through width.
  • A wide range of designs; the gate can be filled with steel sections or bars or something more exciting and bespoke

You should never compromise on your security, and so here at ifab we use our experience and knowledge of fabrication and construction to give you bespoke, highly secure and expertly installed gating. 

For more information on our gating options, please browse our website or get in touch. We can discuss your property and talk you through a range of options from swing gates, wrought iron and automated electric gating.